How it has changed & shaped my life

Blue Ridge Leader's School 2001

Took a class called Theory 16.  Now, at this time in my life, I was struggling with being disabled and my sexuality.  An EXTREMELY dark time in my life.
In the 2nd day of class, we were introduced to the following song.  This one song saved my life.  Made me think of life in a new perspective.
My mood and outlook instantly shifted


In 2003, I moved away to college and found an artsy coffee house called Sacred Grounds (SG).  I started meeting so many incredible musicians, local and nation wide.
Then, in 2007, David Wilcox came to Tampa!  I got to meet him and share my story with him.  What an amazing experience!
From then on, every year after that, I would make a point to go see him.

Grassroots Groove

My last 2 years of my undergrad, I spent most of my free time at Bulls Radio, the student run radio station at the University of South Florida.  I created the Grassroots Groove, a weekly show that had live on air performances from local talent.  I even had the honor of interviewing David Wilcox on my show!
I must thank my different co-hosts who made the show that much more amazing: Trey Cebula (the main OG), Meredith Marsh, Matt Walker, Diego Berry, Landon Morgan, and Kyle Houck.
We had over 300 performances in 2 years!  Some noteworthy performances/interviews: Hans York, Geri X, David Wilcox, The James-Lange Theory, Dropin Pickup 

The Cruz Brothers/Garbage Knight

After the radio show ended, (I graduated)  I took a few years to focus on my Master's degree.
One weekend, I was at a food truck rally checking out local  talent, and this one insanely talented group of kids caught my ears.  Their name was The Cruz Brothers.  Here's their on meeting me.
We have had a whole host of accomplishments throughout my years with them, most notably, they were named Hard Rock Cafe Tampa Brand Ambassadors in 2015!
More recently, had the distinct pleasure of working with award-winning producer, Matthew LaPlant, who has worked with bands like Dashboard Confessional.

2015 Hard Rock Cafe Brand Ambassadors

Garbage Knight w/ award winning producer, Matthew LaPlant

Matthew LaPlant and myself

The future

David Wilcox showed me the power of music.  Ever since his interpretation of that infamous Robert Frost poem, I have attempted to give back to music what it gave to me.
From hosting events, hosting open mics, giving advice to new musicians, band photoshoots, radio shows, managing bands, etc.  I try to always pour my heart and soul into all things music.
If you are interested in working with me on a music related project, contact me using the form below
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