TEDxTalk 2013


     For the past 17 years, James Geiger has kept busy working in the Tampa Bay area, despite his lifelong struggle with Cerebral Palsy. This disorder affects his fine motor skills and speech, along with other issues. James has defied the odds since the day he was born, and he continues to overcome the obstacles life throws in front of him.

     James refuses to allow his disabilities to rule his life by choosing to work hard as a professional photographer, web designer, and public speaker. Once he sets his mind on doing something, his goal is mastery. He’s succeeded on several fronts, including writing, directing and producing two documentary films, as well as giving public speaking a go by presenting a TEDx Talk about his disability, career, and rise to success.

     Over the years, James has built a reputation for building and managing high-quality websites and social media accounts for many Tampa-based organizations and musicians. James is well known and loved in the community for the care and detail he puts into his work.

     Lately, you will find James designing and maintaining sites for local businesses and nonprofits, including the Art2Action website. James’ ninja-like skills, mastery, and experience with multiple web platforms, including Wix, is the reason why he recently chose to become a Wix Partner.

     James is a graduate of the University of South Florida, earning both a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, with a minor in Leadership Studies, and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology. Throughout his college studies, James continually delivered high-quality work that exceeded the expectations of his peers and professors, revealing his passion and creative skill.

     James embraces the William Butler Yeats quote, “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.” He always has time to make new friends and he revels in sharing his joy, expertise, and experience with anyone he meets, especially about photography, public speaking, and web design.

     Whether you are looking for top-quality photos, graphic artistry, a new website, or are simply looking to take your company and its marketing to the next level, James is certainly the person you want on your side.


Tampa, Florida